The new  Green 106  compound comes from the pressing need to limit the use of raw materials and to give an eco-friendly product.
Our purpose is to use the scrap made when cutting, reducing in this way the amount of new material needed and respecting at the same time our standards in terms of quality and ecology.
Another advantage of the recycling is the energy-saving: the energy necessary to recycle the material is less than the energy used to make a standard product.
The result obtained from Ilga  laboratories is considerable, enables us to affirm that the new compound:
◆  Uses the 50% of recycled material
◆  Has the same technical features of the standard product

How is it possible?
Usually the recycled products have lower results from the original ones.
In our case, the technical innovation based on the devulcanization process, allows the use of recycled materials to now be used, in this volume and with good technical results of quality and abrasion.
When we create the compound, the devulcanized materials take an active part during the reticulation process, and, unlike previous use of recycled materials which had a reduced wear and an increase in price, this product maintains its wearing properties and has no price increase, giving us a top quality result.